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"monumentally non-creative and un-funny"

That's beautiful.

I refuse to waste my time even posting about this crap. I agree with you totally!


While I agree with every word you've stated above and I in no way want to take away from the serious nature of your comments.....I have to point out that I love the new tag line: "Spock quality at a Chekov price."
Trust me when I tell you that Spock quality is certainly worth every penny. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.


Kenn -- yeah, I really debated whether to continue flogging this dead horse, but it won't seem to die, so flog I shall...

And Uhura -- meet me below deck for a special assignment, you sassy communications broad.

Joe Bob

Some interesting facts about Jesusland:

Nation's Capital: Branson, MO
Seat of Gubment: None (Don't trust the gubment)
National Anthem: "I'm a Ford Truck Man," sung by T. Keith
National Symbol: Jesus fish
National Pastime: Shooting stuff
National Bird: Chicken with Buffalo sauce
Biggest import: (tie) Buffalo wings and Ford Trucks
Biggest export: Walmarts
Next biggest export: Weed
National hero: Dale, Sr.
Former National slogan: "Jesus wouldn't last 40 days OR nights in Jesusland, no sir."
New National slogan (2004): "When Jesus comes back, we'll string 'em up fer ya agin, no sweat."

By the way...I'm changing my blog to "Deep in the Heart of Jesusland."


Let's not hate on the Buffalo Wings, people! It's not their fault that the Jesuslanders love 'em. I say we slap a protective tarriff on them after the breakup.

Josh (proud Buffalo native)

Tube City

It's a shame that Buffalo's sole contribution to the national cuisine has been Buffalo wings. By rights, the Greater Niagara region should be known instead for its very superior (no pun intended) hot dogs, including Sahlen's hot dogs with all the trimmings and Texas red hots.

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